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Von Mackensen.

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Yet another instance of chivalry in the age of modern warfare.

"You are not going to the Italian, or Russian, or the French front. You are going into a fight against a new enemy who is dangerous, tough, brave and sharp. You are going to the Serbian front, to Serbia, and Serbs are the people who love their freedom and who are willing to fight for it to their last. Do your best so this minuscule enemy does not overshadow your glory and compromise the success you’ve achieved so far in the glorious German army“ - German Field Marshal August von Mackensen. 

"Hardened field marshal honors the defenders of Belgrade"

From www.dijaspora.gov.rs 13. July 2014. Serbia in WW1.

Regarding the attack on Belgrade 1915 by a combined force of German/Austro-Hungarian/Bulgarian under the command of von Mackensen: [portions as extracted copied in entirety and unashamedly so]

"One Serbian soldier was attacked by four enemy soldiers, and for every Serbian cannon, Austro-Hungarians and Germans had nine. Part of city defense forces stationed themselves along the improvised barricades on the streets, and the other part was returning fire from the basement windows. Great deal of soldiers died beneath the ruins. Every time Austro-Hungarian army was held at the barricades, fierce artillery fire followed, all the way to the center of Belgrade. Women were fighting along men in the defending lines. Despite all the resistance, von Mackensen’s units outnumbered and outgunned the Serbs."

"Killed cattle lies on the streets. Nobody removes their remains because city is under constant fire. Nobody even dares to take their dead to the graveyard. People bury them in their backyards, in their meadows… Life is unbearable, and people are leaving city for the south. However, the escape is risky, too. Today, at 10 o’clock in the morning, a family with children and their things was blown to pieces” - Bogosav Vojnović Pelikan (September 1915.) He was one of the 1.300 Corporals."

Needless to say the attack of the German/Austro-Hungarian/Bulgarian army was successful. Von Mackensen knew the score, under his leadership his troop prevailing.

Von Mackensen his tribute to the valor of the Serb who he greatly respected with a monument: "Serbian heroes rest here“.


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