Saturday, August 20, 2022


This is coolbert:

We are saved after all! World hunger and mass starvation on a cataclysmic level averted!

Vital shipments of grain from Ukrainian port facilities has resumed.

Commercial vessels moving to-and-fro the Black Sea final destination world-wide.


"43 ships have already passed through "grain corridor" - Turkish Ministry of Defense"

From ^ | 18.08.22 | Staff | tip from Freeper.

"43 ships have already passed through 'grain corridor' - Turkish Ministry of Defense News Censor.NET War in Ukraine. Since August 1, 43 ships have passed through the 'grain corridors': 25 of them left Ukrainian ports, 18 - entered. A total of 622 thousand tons of grain have been exported. This was reported by the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey, reports Censor.NЕТ with reference to Ukrinform. 'Since August 1, 43 ships have departed, 25 of which have left Ukrainian ports. For shipment of grain 18 vessels entered Ukrainian ports.'"

Let us hope the "grain corridors" hold and negative interference the shipments. Alleviate the threat of world hunger and food shortages and prevent calamity potentially of an epic scale.


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