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It is not that I don't believe this, it is more than I don't want to believe this! 

From the article by BRETT REDMAYNE-TITLEY • APRIL 28, 2022 • 

Shapes of things to come Moldova? Moldova right next door to Ukraine with a restive Russian-speaking population and the largest arms depot [Soviet/Russian armaments] in all of Europe.

Devoted readers to the blog pay heed this article was written in April of this year. A lot has changed since then.

"Ukraine, Romania, Moldova ... vs. Transnistria: A WW III Scenario"

"The tiny and peaceful nation of Moldova will soon be dragged into the Ukraine/Russia war. Historical and current geopolitical reasons are in play and being applied against Russia’s widening eastern front moving westwards. However, it is the southern Ukrainian region from Odessa to the Moldovan Transnistria that may trigger an escalation towards World War."

An expanding Ukrainian Conflict with the battlefield moving west along the northern shore of the Black Sea toward Odessa will greatly imperil Moldova. Especially within the context of the arms depot Cobasna. Compromise Moldova and you additionally compromise Romania? Romania hardly I think remind devoted readers to the blog a constituent member of NATO.

Further that current border between Moldova and Romania close to the geographic area of the great military interest and value called the Focșani Gate.

"The Focșani Gate . . . is a militarily and strategically vulnerable area in Romania and NATO. Control of the Focșani Gate allows entry into vast tracts of Romanian territory and several other regions of Europe."

Devoted readers to the blog also might want to refer to this pdf document from 2019 a staff study and [?] wargame of an attack by the Russian military on Romania the goal control of the Focșani Gate to further expedite offensive operations in case of a NATO/Russia conflict.

As extracted from the pdf document: "In the case of Romania, having in mind Romania’s neighborhood, it can be added to the general conclusion the reality that one of the most powerful, militarily speaking, country in the world, possessing, among other weaponry, one of the most destructive nuclear arsenal, has proved to be politically and strategically restless, choosing to tramp over its word by breaking promises, arrangements and treaties it put its signature on."

As to what country is seen as a threat to the Romanian, devoted readers to the blog draw your own conclusions!


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