Monday, August 22, 2022


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Extended here can be reasonably inferred to have a meaning we don't want to contemplate.

"British soldiers to prepare for fighting Russia"

From and thanks to the tip from Jason. 21 Aug, 2022.

"Warrant Officer Paul Carney advised troops to discuss a potential deployment with their families"

"The UK’s top ‘other ranks’ soldier has said that British troops must be ready to fight Russia, and should prepare their families for the prospect of an 'extended' deployment. His advice comes after the UK’s new head of General Staff said that British forces must become capable of  'defeating Russia in battle.'”

Further, and within context see this chart. Comparisons the Ukraine military 2022 as in comparison with the four largest European military contingents the NATO alliance.

Click on image to see an enlarged view. Strictly speaking the UK ground forces their organic firepower tanks/artillery to include rocket artillery about 1/12th that of the Ukrainian. The Ukrainian prior to 24 February 2022 firepower LESS than that of the Russian. You the devoted reader take it from there and draw the proper conclusions.

HEY! Nobody said any of this was going to be easy, did they?


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