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Place this one in the strange and true category. Yet more paranormal the military dimension.

Pulsa diNura. Jewish kabbalistic curse!

"Putin fears Jewish death curse – ex-Ukrainian official"

16 Aug, 2022.

"Fear of the purported Kabbalistic ritual Pulsa diNura may be preventing him from attacking Dnepr, an exiled figure told media"

"Putin fears Jewish death curse – ex-Ukrainian official

It is reputed that both Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon had a pulsa diNura invoked against them. In some quarters this sort of stuff is taken very seriously.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely afraid to attack the city of Dnepr due to a threat that he will be cursed to death through an ancient Jewish ritual, a former Ukrainian official claims."

"In an interview on Friday with the news website Novoye Vremya, Gennady Korban said he had threatened to place the curse on the Russian leader if he attacks the city."


"Pulsa diNura, roughly translated from Aramaic as ‘lashes of fire’, is a ritual that is attributed to an old Kabbalistic text, though scholars believe the term was not used in the sense of a curse invoked by man."

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