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Here with some items, extracts from the H I Sutton Internet web site "Covert Shores". All thanks to H I Sutton.

Black Sea ferment, the Ukraine Conflict.

1. "OSINT: Unusual Mini-Submarine Seen In Sevastopol, Black Sea"

12 July 2022.

"Unusual Mini-Submarine Seen In Sevastopol, Black Sea"

"A major naval base supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Sevastopol in Crimea is a hive of submarine activity. Several Improved-KILO class submarines are operating from there, firing cruise missiles into Ukraine. And the unique pumpjet equipped KILO, Alrosa, is undergoing sea trials. But there is another submarine which has caught my eye."

"ND Marine". But you need to read the entire article.

2. "Russian Navy Also Deployed Trained Dolphins To Novorossiysk In Black Sea"

17 July 2022.

"The revelation, based on analysis of open sources, that the Russia has deployed dolphins to guard Sevastopol, brought [military] marine mammal programs into focus. As part of the research into this I also discovered that the dolphins have previously been deployed to Novorossiysk."

"The likely training deployment can now be looked at as part of wider preparations for the invasion of Ukraine. I do not believe that this has previously been reported."

Johnny-on-the-spot military dolphins Black Sea their mission what exactly hardly clear.

"John·​ny-on-the-spot : a person who is on hand and ready to perform a service or respond to an emergency"

3. "OSINT: Indications That Russian Navy Has Shifted Focus In Black Sea"

16 July 2022.

"Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) increasingly suggests that key elements of the Russian Navy have changed their patrol areas. Remaining warships, notably the Project 11356R Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates, are patrolling off the southern tip of Crimea."

"One theory is that this is to protect the Kerch Bridge.

Indeed. An attack on the Kerch Strait bridge according to the Russian is taken very seriously. See previous blog entries as regarding same:


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