Saturday, July 9, 2022


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I don't think the American retired general officer Breedlove should be making such suggestions.

The Kerch Strait bridge obviously a valid target of war but would the effort backfire is my question. Most = Bridge.

"Ukraine Has Chance to Deal Devastating Blow to Russia: Ex-NATO Commander"

From Newsweek the story BY ZOE STROZEWSKI ON 7/8/22.

"Ukraine has the chance to deal a strong blow to Russia by striking the Kerch Strait bridge, according to a former NATO commander."

"General Philip Breedlove, who served as NATO's supreme allied commander in Europe, told The Times on Thursday that the bridge is a 'legitimate target.' The Kerch Strait bridge is actually a pair of bridges that run between mainland Russia and Crimea, the peninsula that Russia annexed in 2014."

ONE bridge for railroad traffic. The OTHER bridge for ordinary vehicle traffic. BOMBING that bridge would negate to a large extent the Russian being able to reinforce/resupply their Ukraine invasion contingents from Crimea.

See this You tube video the tip from "Bayou Renaissance Man" smokescreen as tested by the Russian to cloak the bridge in case of attack by enemy warplanes.

Smoke screen on such a massive scale a legacy of the Second World War. Conceal targets from strategic high-altitude aerial bombardment and often used to deceive the navigators of the approaching enemy bomber force. I can see that this would be of great value during an attack by Ukrainian warplanes using laser guided bombs. Obviously also no one bothered to shut down the auto traffic the bridge or issue a warning to motorists. Everyone just speeding along in a mad dash to reach the other side of the bridge it seems totally heedless of danger. A successful attack dropping that bridge into the Kerch Strait a big plus for the Ukrainian and of big time media and propaganda value fully understood.

My fear is that if the Ukrainian attacks the bridge the Russian in response would retaliate with marked brutality and force even beyond what has already occurred in the Conflict.


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