Friday, August 26, 2022

Sebastopol 2.

This is coolbert:

Once more some articles of note as extracted from the outstanding H. I. Sutton Internet web site "Covert Shores". Thanks in all instances to H. I. Sutton. All items of interest as pertains to the Ukraine Conflict.

1. "Russia Forced To Reduce Navy In Mediterranean As Ukraine War Drags On"

24 August 2022.

"Russia: One of Russia’s two SLAVA class cruisers deployed to the Mediterranean has left the sea. The Marshal Ustinov was seen sailing out through the Straits of Gibraltar today."

Returning to home port the Baltic?

"This may be a sign that the Russian Navy forces in the Mediterranean, beefed up to support the invasion of Ukraine, are being forced to withdraw key assets..."

2. "OSINT: Ukrainian Drone Took Inland Approach To Attack Russian Navy Headquarters At Sevastopol"

21 August 2022.

"Russia: Sevastopol harbor, the main naval base for Russia’s Black Sea fleet (BSF) has, until now, been largely unaffected by the sharp end of the Ukraine War. But the past week or so has seen Ukraine bring the war to Crimea."

Crimea is not interested in the war but the war is interested in Crimea?

"On August 20 a drone hit the navy headquarters, in broad daylight. Interestingly, the drone approached from inland..."

3. "OSINT: Russian Navy Base At Sevastopol Defended By Inflatable S-400 Missiles"

14 August 2022.

"Russia: Russia's main naval base in the Black Sea, Sevastopol, is guarded by the latest S-400 air-defense system."

Inflatable rubber decoys as being employed by the Russian. S-400 decoy as to fool the Ukrainian!

"The real S-400 missiles have recently been moved from their permanent launch site however. Russian TV has shown inflatable replacements at the site."

Devoted readers to the blog all articles peruse at your leisure in entirety. Again thanks to H. I. Sutton for the input. I highly recommend without qualification or reservation the "Covert Shores" web site. Visit regularly and bookmark or indicate as a favorite.


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