Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Nancy II.

This is coolbert:

Nancy Pelosi her trip to Taiwan continuing and concluding.

From the Internet web site "Zero Hedge" the story by BY TYLER DURDEN AUG 02, 2022.

Nancy again having emerged hale and hearty, intact and whole, but with some speculation as to what might have been the Chinese response.

"Here Are The 5 Chinese Military Response Scenarios If Pelosi Visits Taiwan"

"Update(1840ET): FT [Financial Times] is out with some further details on the White House's handling of the Pelosi trip, now being watched carefully around the world..."

"Pelosi did not include Taiwan on her official itinerary — which includes Japan, South Korea and Malaysia — over security concerns, but the Financial Times first reported that she would be the first Speaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years."


"And now, a number of military analysis publications are examining the various possible 'worst case scenarios'. One independent analyst and China-Taiwan watcher has laid out a full range of hypothetical, albeit realistic scenarios involving different potential levels of Chinese aggression against the self-ruled island of Taiwan." 

Scenario 1: The minimalist approach.

Scenario 2: Hybrid warfare. 

Scenario 3: A serious attack but no invasion. 

Scenario 4: The Full Monty – a proper invasion. 

Scenario 5: Worst Case (short of nuclear) scenario.

# 5 to include: "Full air and sea blockade, massive ballistic missile attacks on military targets, massive cyberattack, aggressive naval and aerial attacks to degrade Taiwan’s forces and achieve battlefield superiority, followed by aerial assaults by fighters and bomber on military targets and area bombing of civilian targets. There are massive casualties, and Taiwan is crushed by brute force, surrenders, and then the occupiers enter the country and take it over."

Blockade, massive and overwhelming attack with missiles and warplanes, surrender without the dreaded amphibious invasion. Worst case!

Nancy however not any longer imperiled! Again, I am almost amazed no bad events occurred. Relieved and now I can breathe once more reassured of peace in my time.


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