Monday, August 8, 2022


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WARNING: If you are easily offended by material of a frank, adult, brazen and bold nature, hit ESCAPE now!

The tip from "Blazing Cat Fur" that original story by 

"Love and war: Ukrainian women inspire troops with saucy pictures

Antonia Cundy, Kyiv | August 07 2022 The Sunday Times.

"A woman walks towards the camera, her hips sashaying as she sweeps her hands up from her waist and over her breasts, bending low in front of the lens to fill its view with her cleavage."

"In another video, the camera gazes down a man’s bare chest, warm candlelight exaggerating the grooves of his abdominal muscles and a bulge in his trousers."

"Such images are uploaded every day to a unique Ukrainian Telegram channel doing its bit for the war effort: while many civilians use Telegram to snitch on Russian troops or raise money for weapons, members of this channel post pictures of themselves for the pleasure of soldiers risking their lives on the front line."

WARNING: Ukrainian soldier and Russian soldier too if you view the Telegram dedicated [?] channel. Oksana, Svetlana and Kateryna may not be your friend. Risque' and suggestive images used to entice may also contain some sort of malware that when inadvertently loaded onto your smart phone becomes a tool that hostile intelligence services can use to spy on you. 

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