Sunday, August 7, 2022


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I strongly encourage all devoted readers to the blog to read the entire article. Without reservation or qualification.

"Observations from the Donbas Front Line

Thanks to the Internet web site the story By Colonel (Retired) Lee Van Arsdale and Daniel Rice 08/05/2022.


 "There is a certain immediacy to being on the wrong end of artillery fire.  For thousands of Ukrainians, civilians and Soldiers alike, this is a reality they share every day.  For many of them, it will be the last thing they ever share."

"To the American military eye, the first impression of the Ukrainian Army is that it’s more a quasi-uniformed biker gang than an army.  An occasional pony tail, many beards in various stages of maturity, a variety of mixed uniforms, and footwear that ranges from combat boots to flip flops.  However, this impression would be dead wrong.  To an individual, these are totally committed Soldiers.  Life on the front line is anything but easy, but the dedication and love of country is universal.  There is an easy camaraderie, and all tasks are performed with professional efficiency.  From the commanding general to the brigade and battalion commanders, to the front line troops, this is a dedicated, motivated, war hardened army."

At the very end of the article see the curriculum vitae of the two authors. Very impressive.

There appears to be two schools of thought regarding the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian military. Experts such as General Mark Hertling or Van Arsdale and Rice their opinions of the Ukrainian army and their situation rather positive. Experts such as Colonel Macgregor or Scott Ritter their perspective rather less sanguine, more toward negative.

Of these "two schools of thought" the truth is somewhere in between?


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