Thursday, August 18, 2022


This is coolbert:

Yet more from the Internet webzine "Coffee or Die". 

Russian advanced military technology on display. Not so fast comrade!


M-81 Robotic complex Russian.

Story by Matt White August 16, 2022.

"A robot 'dog' carrying a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher was a breakout star of the first day of the Russian ARMY 2022 trade show in Moscow, which is often a showcase for new Russian technology and weapons. But internet sleuths soon found that the 'dog' was a Chinese toy-like model with a battery life of about one hour."

"The star of this year’s show — known as the Military-Technical Forum ARMY 2022 — looked like it might be a combat-ready robot 'dog,' which appeared to share design and mobility with Boston Dynamics robots in use with the New York City Police Department and Air Force security forces."

"The robot, cloaked in black, was filmed walking around the trade floor, looking perhaps a bit more adorable than fearsome, but with a Russian-made RPG-26 rocket-propelled-grenade launcher mounted on its back."

This robot as a fighting machine can easily be entrapped by snares? Any sort of movement forward denied by the simplest of devices. The robot is designed to be remotely controlled or is autonomous Perhaps a combination of both. Possibly the Russian intends only to show what can be done? Off-the-shelf technology and such?


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