Friday, August 26, 2022


This is coolbert:

A demonstration the Russian Navy Baltic fleet of the possible!

"Corvette [Russian] sailed north via inner waterways and launched Kalibr cruise missile"

"The special maneuver happened amid the Northern Fleet’s Barents Arctic exercise and shows how Russia can move highly potent missiles from the Baltic Sea to the North without sailing around NATO-controlled Scandinavia."

Article "The Barents Observer" by Thomas Nilsen | August 24, 2022.

"It was the corvette 'Mytishchi', normally based in Kaliningrad, that sailed north to the White Sea, from where a Kalibr cruise missile was launched towards a coastal target at the Chizha shooting range at Cape Kanin in the eastern Barents Sea."

"The small warship of the Karakurt class corvette had then sailed some 3,700 km [over two-thousand miles] through the Neva River in St. Petersburg, via Lake Ladoga, Lake Onega and further north through the White Sea Canal to the White Sea, the Defense Ministry reports."

That Russian EGTC inland waterway system allowing for expeditious movement of naval vessels. In this particular case the White Sea-Baltic canal a construction from the time of Joseph Stalin using Gulag labor being employed. 

I am sure Joe would be proud.


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