Saturday, August 13, 2022


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Follow-up to the original blog entry the damage done the Russian Crimean military airfield Saki. [evidently various spellings of Saki exist]

Strictly with regard to cost of those military warplanes either destroyed or damaged.

"Crimea explosions: Forbes calculates cost of destroyed Russian aircraft"

Depending on who is doing the counting and whatever are the assumptions, the value of those Russian warplanes Saky totally destroyed or damaged and no longer fly-able immense!

Tip from | Source: Forbes Ukraine | further thanks to Ukrainska Pravda.

12 AUGUST 2022.

"The aircraft destroyed in the explosions at the Saky airfield near Novofedorivka, in Russian-occupied Crimea, has cost Russia over $300 million."

"Details: Forbes Ukraine reports that prior to explosions, the total cost of the aircraft stationed at the Saky airfield amounted to approximately $650-800 million."

"Forbes estimates that the costs of each of the Russian military aircraft might be as follows: Su-30SM – $50 million; Su-24MR – $6 million; Il-76 – $86 million. Forbes adds that there might be circumstances that might significantly affect those numbers."

"Given that a total of nine aircraft were destroyed at the Saky airfield, and assuming that all of the destroyed aircraft were the cheaper Su-24MR jets, Russia’s total losses would amount to $55 million. If, however, the destroyed jets were all Su-30SM, its losses could reach $450 million."

Whatever way you count and estimate, a tidy sum! Those aircraft neither cheap or easily replaceable. And also whatever the source and cause of the detonations a super-duper and tremendous loss of face for the Russian.


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