Wednesday, November 30, 2022


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More "holy mission" of the Russian Orthodox church on display within the context of the Ukraine Conflict?

"Spetsnaz warriors from Sputnik put their faith in brigade's holy patron"

From the the story by Atle Staalesen November 18, 2022.

Holy icon of St. George restored and returned to Russian naval infantry [marines].

"After a period of restoration, the main church icon of the 61st Naval Infantry Brigade is returned to Sputnik, the garrison town located near the border to Norway and Finland. 'It will give the marines inspiration to take part in special military operations,' the local church says."

"There was jubilation in the tiny church building in Sputnik as the icon of St. George, the main patron of the potent military force, was put back on the wall."

"The icon of the military saint had been under restoration for quite some time. It was now back with fresher colors, new frame and materials. On the sword sheath of the warrior saint is now painted the logo of the brigade; a polar bear on top of a hill and an anchor."

Excessive displays of religiosity on the part of the Russian military strange? A declared and militantly atheistic Soviet Union as existed slightly less than thirty years ago has now been replaced with theological devotion the exact polar opposite of what previously existed?

Sixty-first Naval Infantry not really spetsnaz as that term normally understood. Spetsnaz the cut-throat killer elite ranger/commando unit subordinate to Russian army military intelligence. Naval infantry in Russian parlance rather best understood as marines, a conventional fighting force.

Sixty-first Naval Infantry even many years before 24 February 2022 involved in the Donbass stand-off attrition warfare, that prelude to the Ukraine Conflict.


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