Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This is coolbert:

Me fights mit Sigel.

Thanks to the article by broeder10 and the URL as provided by Ralph and Dave.

A recruiting poster from the era of the American Civil War as seen at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, Madison, WI., USA.

That translation from the German: "Bounty $402 for veterans honorably discharged, $302 for new recruits. 27 Dollars and one months pay in advance will get paid after examination. Payment and distribution of food starting on the day of entrance. Every German should join this Regiment."

That bonus [bounty] for a new recruit equal to:  "$302 in 1865 → $4,275.23 in 2015". A tidy sum but not princely or excessive.

German nationals and ethnic Germans, immigrants to the United States forming distinct Federal combat units during the American Civil War, commands and orders given and received in the German language.

German nationals and immigrants many of the best described as "Forty-eighters", refugees their political outlook predominantly socialist in nature, their perception of the American Civil War as indeed a struggle between the forces of traditionalism and that of modernity!!


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