Saturday, May 30, 2015

MK 4.7 & Ababil-3.

This is coolbert:

So much to talk about. All thanks to DEBKAfile.


23 May.

"US and Hizballah coordinate spy drone flights over Qalamoun, share US combat intelligence"

"The US has joined the battle for Qalamoun. DEBKAfile discloses that a US special operations unit, stationed at the north Lebanese Hamat air base, is directing unarmed Aerosonde MK 4.7 intelligence-gathering flights over the Qalamoun Mt arena, 100 km to the west. Since Hizballah is operating Ababil-3 surveillance drones over the same battlefield, US-Hizballah coordination became necessary. The US military is working directly for the first time with an internationally-designated terrorist

NOT necessarily can be considered to be cooperation but rather coordination. By law the U.S. government forbidden for cooperation with a terrorist entity. But then at Kobani almost unlimited close air support was given to the PKK and YPG Kurdish fighters and they are also designated as a terrorist entity.


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