Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tradition & Counter-Revolution.

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From the Ron Unz review and the article by Boyd D. Cathey we have an extract of interest.

"On Abraham Lincoln and the Inversion of American History"

The subject of Abraham Lincoln as a martyr, his death even seen as a sacrifice on the level of a JESUS has already been discussed.

Additionally on the international scale that perception of the American Civil War as part of a: "universal war between the forces of 19th liberalism and the forces of tradition and counter-revolution".
"It is interesting, I think, to focus the great Iliad of the Confederacy in the context of the brutal and vicious universal war between the forces of 19th liberalism and the forces of tradition and counter-revolution. The Confederacy, the old South, played a not unimportant role in that conflict, and, even if most Southerners did not recognize that context at the time, many European traditionalists, Legitimist royalists, and Catholics most certainly did."

"In my research over the years, specifically while I studied in Spain and Switzerland, and then taught in Argentina, I was struck by the fact that almost without exception, all 19 th century traditional conservatives, Legitimists, and Catholics not only favored the Confederacy in its crusade against the North, but they did so enthusiastically, to the point that thousands of European traditionalists found their way to cities like New Orleans to volunteer to fight for the Confederate cause. As many as 1,800 former soldiers of the old Bourbon Kingdom of Naples (Two Sicilies) arrived in Louisiana in early 1861 to offer their services to the South after their defeat by the arms of the liberal Kingdom of Piedmont-Savoy. Volunteers from the Carlist Catholic traditionalists in Spain came by way, mostly, of Mexico . . . French Legitimists (the 'ultra-royalists' who opposed the “democracy” of the Citizen-King Louis Philippe) also volunteered, mostly notably the Prince Camille Armand de Polignac, a hero of the Battle of Mansfield."

"The Italian Duchy of Modena, under its duke Francesco V . . . 'the most reactionary ruler in all of Europe', actually recognized the Confederacy. And Pope Pius IX offered de facto recognition to the Confederate cause, and his sympathies were quite open, as were the Confederate proclivities of the official publication of the Vatican, 'La Civilta Catolica.' The Crown of Thorns that Pius IX wove with his own hands for President Jefferson Davis while Davis was a post-war prisoner in Fortress Monroe remains in a museum in New Orleans, a memorable relic of papal sympathy for the Confederacy."

"And who can forget the favor given by and collaboration of the Habsburg emperor of Mexico, Maximilian? It was to his empire that many Confederate soldiers fled after Appomattox and Palmito Ranch"

"The traditionalist press in Europe openly believed that the Confederacy was part of a much greater conflict—a conflict, a universalized war, to halt the advance of the effects of the French Revolution, and to–if possible–reverse the worst aspects that resulted from the opening of that Pandora’s Box. And in particular, they visualized the Confederacy as a co-belligerent in the effort to stop the growth of 'democratism' and 'egalitarianism.'”

The various major European powers giving either de facto support and recognition to the Confederacy [even if very mild and tepid] WITH THE EXCEPTION OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA WE KNOW ABOUT!

Also those German immigrants to the United States most accurately referred to as "Forty-eighters'" most assuredly aligning themselves with the Union cause and the anti-slavery movement, organizing themselves into Federal fighting units, orders and commands strictly in the German language. German immigrants of high and low rank both obviously seeing the American Civil War as part and parcel of "universal war between the forces of 19th liberalism and the forces of tradition and counter-revolution". "Forty-eighters" some of them even in favor of the philosophies as espoused by Karl Marx!


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