Sunday, May 24, 2015

Computer Science.

This is coolbert:

"Computer science is not our science!" - - Osama bin Laden.

At least until now!!

Also from DEBKAfile:

18 May

"ISIS preparing total cyber war on critical US systems"

"Cyber security experts report signs of intensified Islamic State activity on the illicit 'dark web' and an interest in methods of sabotaging systems of critical infrastructure, such as power stations, transport networks and government medical facilities. Some of the recent European, American and Australian recruits to ISIS have sophisticated computer backgrounds. 'Jihad John,' who was filmed beheading ISIS victims, has a degree in computer science"

Rendering a facility of whatever nature inoperable by computer "hacking" and intrusion just as effective as dropping a bomb on the target. Why send a warplane thousands of miles to destroy a target when the mission can be done so much more easily from the safety of your own home with a few keystrokes?

That "Dark Net" an analogous and parallel Internet existing within but separate from the World Wide Web and used by hackers, pornographers, criminals of all stripes and affiliations to include terrorists. Where Al Qaeda fails ISIL succeeds? Expect ISIL for some time now to have been active in the Dark Net!


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