Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Avtomat Kalashnikov.

This is coolbert:

From Patrick Cockburn and the Ron Unz Review we have this interesting item concerning Yemen.

"Yemen Crisis: This Exotic War Will Soon Become Europe's Problem"

"The main outcome of the Saudi air campaign will be terrorism and boatloads of desperate migrants"

"Yemen is short of many things, but weapons is not one of them. Yemenis own between 40 and 60 million guns, according to a report by UN experts published earlier this year. This should be enough for Yemen’s 26 million people, although the experts note that demand for grenades that used to cost $5, handguns ($150) and AK-47s ($150) has increased eightfold. Whatever else happens, the war in Yemen is not going to end because any of the participants are short of weaponry."

NOT ONLY the weaponry itself but an ABUNDANCE OF AMMO and at also a cheap cost.

The tribesmen don't even for the most part bother to aim when they shoot. They just place the AK on auto and fire off an entire magazine load [30 rounds] with a single burst.

Until relatively recently the cost of an AK on the international arms market was about $60 USD! But perhaps adjusted for inflation an AK is more expensive now but not so staggeringly so.

It is a world-wide phenomenon that various nationalities and ethnic groups only several generations beyond the bows-and-arrows stage of weapons development and having grievance can now equip themselves with the most advanced firearms, in the process the devastation wreaked most significant and terrible!!

AK, PKM, RPG! Beware each and all!


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