Saturday, May 30, 2015

Najaf & Karbala.

This is coolbert:



25 May.

"No army in Mid East is challenging ISIS. Iran regroups to defend S. Iraqi Shiites, Assad to save Damascus"

"Not a single competent army capable of launching all-out war on ISIS in Syria or Iraq is to be found between the Jordan and the Euphrates and Tigris to the east, or Ramadi and Riyadh to the south."


"Iran is regrouping to save the Shiite towns and oil of S. Iraq - especially the shrine towns of Najef and Karbala, as well as the Basra oil fields; Assad and Hizballah, falling back to defend Syrian cities and block the Lebanese border with their depleted armies."

Najaf and Karbala holy and sacred to the Shia. Consolidating your position and regrouping to defend the base and that of which is most important is now crucial. Try to defend everything and you defend nothing! NONETHELESS the signs are dire!


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