Sunday, May 10, 2015


This is coolbert:

Intelligence source Bedouin. Bedu!

From the book "Military Intelligence Blunders" by Colonel John Hughes-Wilson.

"The second in command [2ic] of the Saudi Arabian Military Intelligence Agency dressed up as a wandering Bedouin and early in the occupation wandered inside Kuwait for three days noting Iraqi units before returning, undetected, to his relieved superiors to give them an up-to-date and accurate report of the deployments, equipment and morale of the Iraqi army of occupation."

This sort of action by a high [very high] ranking member of an intelligence agency unheard of?

The mendicant [beggar], the gypsy-like individual, a homeless or footloose person or in the manner of the desert dweller the wandering Bedouin, shabbily dressed and rather inconspicuous but in reality an intelligence agent on a secret mission. An individual his whereabouts and actions if questioned also easily explained with plausibility.

The famous T.E. Lawrence [Lawrence of Arabia] also said to made a personal and very dangerous solo reconnaissance of Turkish occupied territory during the Great War [WW1]. Lawrence in mufti [disguise] and able to pass himself [even during according to the account of the man himself a strenuous and difficult interrogation] off as a light skinned and blued eye Circassian.


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