Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ramadi Al Anbar.

This is coolbert:

NO! NOT on the brink but gone.

"Iraq's Anbar in 'Total Collapse', on Brink of Falling to Islamic State"

"Islamic State militants overran one of the last remaining districts held by government forces in the Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday and besieged a key army base on the edge of the western provincial capital, security sources said."

"The militants seized most of Ramadi on Friday, planting their black flag on the local government headquarters in the center of the city, but a contingent of Iraqi special forces was holding out in the Malaab neighborhood."

"Those forces retreated on Sunday to an area east of the city after suffering heavy casualties"

* The Iraqi national army STILL not able to hold the line against concerted ISIL attack. This is one year later and the Iraqi national army has shown little if any improvement.

* The capture of Ramadi the reason for an emergency White House national security meeting. To "discuss" the matter.

* Shia militias reputedly moving into the area. Shia armed militia in an area traditionally and strongly Sunni bodes for no good.


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