Sunday, December 26, 2021


This is coolbert:

From the CBC and the article by Murray Brewster.

Analysis by Canadian experts the options as possible to the Russian military currently threatening the Ukraine.

"Tough choices ahead for Canada as Ukraine and Russia teeter on brink of war"

"Canada's long-standing, stalwart support of Ukraine will be under new and intense pressure early in the new year, say experts and a former top military commander"

Canada does has a large ethnic population of Ukrainians living in the western provinces, persons still having strong adherence to Slavic traditions. 

"There could be as many as five possible scenarios on how the current crisis in Eastern Europe might play out, and they're almost all bad." 

* A massive Russian invasion of the Ukraine, classical conventional warfare in the traditional manner. Defeat the Ukrainian military, occupy the land, break the will of the Ukrainian population to further resist.

* "limited invasion: one that sees Russia establish a land bridge to Crimea by taking the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and possibly driving further west as far as the port city of Odessa"

* "overt reinforcement of Russian-backed proxy forces in the breakaway oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk, known collectively as the Donbass region."

* "A fourth option; to use special forces and subversion to wear down Ukraine and its allies"

* "The fifth option would be to do nothing and allow the giant military force to sit on Ukraine's border and wear down the government in Kyiv, as well as NATO, with a perpetual state of crisis."

All bad and fraught with great danger. Danger not only to the Ukraine but also NATO, all of Europe and the trans-Atlantic nations of the USA and Canada. Beware.


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