Sunday, December 19, 2021

T-5 & T-15.

This is coolbert:

Here with a follow up to my recent blog entry, the super-bomb [T-15] Soviet forty megaton device. To be carried to the target by a November class submarine.

Before there T-15 there was T-5.

"RDS-9 / T-5 Torpedo"

A conventional submarine torpedo [533 mm] but with atomic warhead T-5 Soviet fission device

Innards [RDS-9] of the T-5 warhead slated as the initiator for the T-15 "monster" forty-megaton super-torpedo.

"development of the T-5 (or more accurately, the nuclear charge for it) were well under way. On 19 October 1954 this charge (under the symbol RDS-9) was tested at the Semipalatinsk test site, and the first rejection [a "fizzle"] products in the history of Soviet nuclear testing"

WARHEAD RDS-9 not detonating as an atomic detonation. T-5 a fission device. Failure to cause an atomic explosion called a "fizzle".

Further work on the T-15 cancelled in part because of the T-5 "fizzle". Single monstrous torpedo as carried by the November class submarine a project scrapped. Soviet later did perfect and field an atomic warhead torpedo but as a fission weapon, not a thermonuclear.

And we should be eternally grateful too.


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