Thursday, December 23, 2021


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So much for globally accredited certification company.

Within context see a recent prior blog entry.

"Warship construction hits major delay as faulty aluminum imported from China found"

From Pal Joey the article by Abby Liebing, The Western Journal [Australia]

"The Royal Australian Navy [RAN] is now experiencing this firsthand after getting poor-quality aluminum from China, which is now prohibiting the launch of new patrol boats."

"In March, shipbuilders announced a delay due to the botched materials, which are believed to have been sourced from Wuhan [China] , the Australian Broadcasting Corporation [ABC] reported."

"Austal, the shipbuilder company awarded a contract to supply the navy with six vessels, said that 'the aluminum had been independently certified by a globally accredited certification company prior to arriving at Austal,' according to the ABC."

Questions to be asked at a minimum to include: * Is this a random event or was it deliberate? * Why was the independent "accredited certification company" unable to detect the faulty metal? * Have other ships been made with similar defective aluminum and for how long?

The famous economist Adam Smith had two exceptions to the concept of free trade. One of which was that a nation must have the independent capacity to produce whatever materials are needed for defense and security. Soup to nuts. Raw ore to finished metal to a ship.


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