Tuesday, December 7, 2021


This is coolbert:

RPA = Remotely Piloted Aircraft. A drone.

"Air Force previews plan to phase out enlisted drone pilots"

Thanks to yahoo.com and the article by Rachel Cohen.

"Four years into an experiment to let enlisted airmen fly reconnaissance drones, the Air Force is signaling plans to wind down the program."

"The proposed change . . . would reroute the careers of about 75 enlisted airmen who fly the RQ-4 Global Hawk"

HEY! I had thought the USAF was going to encourage enlisted men to fly drones. Perhaps this "winding down" is strictly for those enlisted already pilot the RQ-4 Global Hawk drone.

I can only imagine the reaction of those enlisted RPA pilots. Any alternative offered by the USAF is going to much less than satisfactory. Once on the champagne lifestyle [an aviator] you will never be satisfied with the beer diet?


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