Friday, December 10, 2021

Stockpile CVN.

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USS Ford. Ford class CVN. The saga continues and for the worse too. 

YET more problems with the USS Ford aircraft carrier. Sure and steady progress being made for operational deployment status, but at an unexpected cost.

"NAVAL AIR: USS Ford Relies On Spin And A Prayer"

Courtesy the Internet web site Strategy Page.

"December 6, 2021: The first of the new American Ford class CVN (nuclear-powered aircraft carrier) has run into another problem as it struggles to be ready for deployment in 2022."

"The latest problem, the need to borrow components from those stockpiled for the second Ford-class carrier, the Kennedy, to deal with the need to fix existing problems in the Ford. None of the borrowed parts are exotic, but the Ford did not have enough available to deal with all the needed modifications and repairs required to meet the 2022 deployment date."

Let us be crystal clear about this. Spare parts initially allocated for the SECOND aircraft carrier of the class already being used to keep the Ford up and going. SECOND carrier not even in the water or sailing?

For one-hundred years the  U.S. Navy has been building aircraft carriers. You would have thought by the now the entire process would be worked out and well understood.

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