Saturday, December 4, 2021


This is coolbert:

Before there was Status-6/Kanyon there was T-15? Apparently so.

Only in a very vague way was I familiar with any of this.

That original class of Soviet era nuclear powered submarine carrying [as originally envisioned] a single torpedo [conventionally battery powered] of  colossal size with an atomic warhead of prodigious size.

This was the T-15 torpedo, Soviet navy. That explosive power of the warhead believed to measure about forty megatons. [consider the bomb dropped on Hiroshima only a twenty kiloton bomb by comparison]


* A single torpedo on detonation destroying an entire city or port facility.

* Warhead when tested a failure?

* Project cancelled before even first November boat took to the water?

* T-15 sixty-one inch [One and one-half meters] stupendous diameter in contrast to the normal and much more reasonable 533 millimeter torpedo tube [twenty-one inch] as found in most submarines.

* Soviets and Russians seem to be have been and are enamored of grandiose weapons the mere threat of which will scare your adversaries into submission.

* Status-6/Kanyon a more advanced copy of the T-15 [autonomous and nuclear powered] but still requiring a "mothership" to carry the weapon to the scene of the fray. Status-6 also will carry a multi-megaton warhead?


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