Tuesday, December 28, 2021

M72 drone.

This is coolbert:

Never thought such a thing would ever be considered. A novel approach and expedient. Could be effective?

American M72 66 mm LAW [Light Anti-tank Weapon] as mounted on a drone. Used as a swarm to attack massed enemy armored formations. Not merely now a concept it seems but rather a can-do item.

"Nammo introduces drone-carried M72 light anti-tank weapon concept."

"Norway-based ammunition and rocket systems specialist Nammo has revealed a drone-mounted M72 concept after four years of work."

Drone hovers over an enemy tank. M72 LAW then fires a rocket with shaped-charged warhead downward at the enemy armor. The shaped-charge attacks the weakest point on the tank. Tank even if not destroyed rendered ineffective or out of action.

M72 LAW for many years now understood as the type of shoulder-fired pea-shooter one-time-use anti-tank round no longer useful when engaging a modern main battle tank. Thousands or tens of thousands of such LAW rounds already existing in the military inventory of many nations of the world. An antiquated weapon has now found a new home?

LAW lives? Long live LAW? I fought the LAW and LAW won!


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