Tuesday, December 28, 2021


This is coolbert:

I highly recommend without qualification or reservation this video.

Courtesy The Guardian and You Tube and with thanks to both.

Frontline Ukraine. Six years trench warfare stand off between the military forces of the Ukraine and those eastern areas of the nation as deemed "breakaway".

"With tensions escalating along the border with Russia, Luke Harding visits troops in Ukraine's Donbas region to gauge the mood ahead of a possible invasion. The war here has continued since 2014, when pro-Russian fighters attacked Ukrainian territory."

Scenes as reminiscent of what you would have seen during the Great War [WW1]. Lines of trenches muddy and cold in the winter, dry and hot in the summer, mostly barely tolerable at any time of the year.

Constant sniper and harassing fire from the pro-Russian side toward the Ukrainian trenches all the time. BUT no weapons fire in the opposite direction.

Where are the duckboards and rat terriers? Presumably the combatants both side have enough knowledge of  measures to ward off afflictions such trench foot, trench lice, etc. All maladies as associated with WW1.


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