Tuesday, December 14, 2021


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Not necessarily bad luck?

From Freeper and You Tube both.

Taliayieh a Moudge class frigate of the Iranian navy.

"The Iranian Navy's bad luck is continuing when it comes to warship accidents. An Iranian naval vessel known as the Talayieh, which was still under construction, capsized in dry dock. This happened at the Bandar Abbas port in southern Iran. Videos posted on social media seem to show the naval vessel on its side and people could be seen hanging onto railings along the side of the ship tipped upwards."

See the You Tube video of the capsized vessel with commentary of an acerbic nature.

Warship still not completed or having made a maiden voyage but afloat, in drydock, capsizes, men seen hanging onto the railing in desperation.

Greater danger to these warships while a vessel docked, not sailing, then when at-sea, on combat duty? Seems to strange,  does it not?

Instantly this incident reminds me of the USS Guitarro class submarine. Ship having been launched but having sunk to the bottom while at dock not having seem one day of service. Humiliating and embarrassing in the extreme. Guitarro eventually refloated and after an extensive and expensive refurbishment saw thirty years of duty.

Bad luck or is it? Israeli saboteurs many will suspect active in a clandestine manner are responsible? Many will think this to be highly plausible.


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