Wednesday, December 29, 2021


This is coolbert:

"exhume: transitive verb - - To remove from a grave; disinter."

IMHO consider this to be 100 % wrong.

From the British Daily Mail tabloid 

"Spanish tomb of The Man Who Never Was - whose corpse was used in Britain's famous Operation Mincemeat plan to fool Hitler - could be EXHUMED to settle doubts over the body's true identity"

* "Operation Mincemeat was a British plan to fool Hitler about the Allied invasion of Sicily during Second World War using fake intelligence documents" * "Papers, which outlined a plan to attack Greece and Sardinia, were planted on a body dressed to look like a British officer and dropped off the coast of Spain" * "Plan worked, and Sicily was captured in summer of 1943 with minimal casualties" * "But true identity of corpse is a mystery, as calls grow to exhume grave in Spain"

It seems that "the man who never was" his identity well established? Glyndwr Michael a Welshman in death did his bit for the war effort without even realizing it. Grave marker of the deceased says John Martin and the name of Glyndwr Michael both.


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