Friday, December 3, 2021

Quadrants I-IV.

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From the Internet web site of Commander Salamander and as always thanks to same.

A very illustrative graphic the spending habit for defense the constituent members of NATO!

"An Alliance’s Four Quadrants"

Those nations as indicated to the right of the green vertical axis within the graph spending the agreed upon percentage [2 %] of gross domestic product on defense as a percentage of budget. Click on graph to see an enlarged view.

Those nations as indicated below the green horizontal axis within the graph not spending an adequate amount of money  [20 %] budgeted for defense on equipment. 

Regarding the four quadrants and those nations within each quadrant:

Quadrant I: The Show Ponies:

Money spent well but just not enough.

"Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Denmark and Montenegro."

Quadrant II: The War Horses:

Enough money spent and spent well.

"United States, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway, France, Lithuania."

Quadrant III: The Free Riders:

Not enough money spent or spent well.

"Slovenia, Belgium, North Macedonia, Albania, The Czech Republic, Canada, Bulgaria, Portugal, Germany, and Croatia. Great Britain, and Romania."

Quadrant IV: The Garrison Army:

Enough money spent but not spent well.




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