Thursday, December 9, 2021


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Some Americans still have what it takes. Naval Construction Battalion # 5 for instance.

See the latest Commander Salamander article with a very good graphic. Opposing forces terribly arrayed western Pacific. [WESTPAC] 

"The WESTPAC Template is There: Build on it"

"Technology changes; faster, more accurate, deadlier, more automated, more expensive. These things and more will always advance. What remains a constant is, like we covered last week, geography."

"The last time we had a serious challenge in the Pacific, WWII, we had a whole constellation of bases that allowed us to fight forward, sustain forward, repair forward, and keep in the fight."

One of the four major elements of victory in the Pacific theater of war during the Second World War was the bulldozer. That ability of naval construction battalions [CB's]. Able to within a two week period transform a pristine and remote jungle island into a major military installation. Air base, naval base, barracks, electricity, flush toilets, hot showers, mess halls etc.. The proverbial soup to nuts.

In the modern context, as we speak, Naval Construction Battalion # 5 having just completed a major improvement of military facilities, Manus island, southwest Pacific ocean. 

See previous blog entry the topic Manus island:

As promised as delivered. Thank you # 5.


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