Monday, December 27, 2021


 This is coolbert:

Archery? Vietnam? Archery? American military personnel using a recurve bow shooting flaming arrows at the enemy?

Found this image quite by accident.

"Binh Thuy, South Vietnam – Lieutenant Commander Donald D. Sheppard, USN, of Coronado, California, aims a flaming arrow at a bamboo hut concealing a fortified Viet Cong bunker on the banks of the Bassac River, Vietnam on December 8, 1967. Lieutenant Commander Sheppard has found that the arrows shot from river patrol boats are the most effective means of eliminating such huts. (AP Photo)"

Now for the rest of the story:

A posed image? For propaganda purposes? Huts having previously been set on fire by a flame thrower and not by flaming arrows. Such is as alleged.

The optics surely everyone will agree make some sort of theatrics for the folks back home [USA] during prime time television news broadcasts.


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