Sunday, December 5, 2021

Jan Žižka.

This is coolbert:

Jan Žižka? Best general you never heard of? Could it be?

A professional soldier and intuitive combat commander during that period in Europe during the Hussite religious rebellion.

Jan Žižka most famed [?] for his use of Wagenburg Tactics. Able to counter the armored knight on horseback with an ill-equipped military force of peasants and city dwellers. Žižka a master of this form of combat without peer?

See the You Tube video the topic Jan Žižka:


* Žižka his methods for waging successful war sound and appropriate. Occupy and prepare ground of your own choosing suitable for the defense. Compel and allow the enemy to attack, initially fight a strictly defensive action all the while husbanding your resources for a counter-attack when the time ripe.

* Defense is the stronger form of combat. You can accomplish more with less and easier. Žižka his combatants normally [?] at a numerical disadvantage peasants and city dwellers their training I might think rather limited but having high morale and motivation. Troops willing to stand their ground, fight and die for an ideal CAN make for formidable opponents!

* "The moral is to the physical as three is to one." Žižka the BEST general officer you have never heard of. You can surely make a case it is so.


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