Saturday, November 20, 2021


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Make the enemy fight the war on your terms. Wagenburg tactics,

To war by wagon! Hussite style! Wagons not merely for transport but miniature and maneuverable forts. 

The video courtesy You Tube and SandRhoman History. I highly recommend without qualification or reservation the  entire SandRhoman History series of You Tube video. 

"The Hussite wagon fort, also known as Wagenburg answered a problem in late medieval warfare that puzzled military leaders of the time: how could infantry deal with armies of heavily armored knights on horseback? Initially the Hussite armies consisted mainly of ill-trained farmers and city dwellers, often only armed with the daily tools of your average farmer such as threshing flails, pitchforks but also polearms. But they made a virtue out of necessity and combined their farmers wagons, which they soon turned into war wagons, with early handheld firearms and small artillery and managed to defend successfully against well-trained and well-equipped knights [men-a-horse]."


* That entire episode of the Hussite War's a prelude to the Protestant Reformation and both the Eighty Years and Thirty Years Wars.

* Zizka his troops amateurs fighting professional soldiers.. Amateurs however with high moral and confidence in their leader. Weapons often as carried consisting to an extent of farm implements readily available, without however neglecting more advanced arms such as hand cannon.

* Zizka a master of the strategic defensive. Occupy terrain for the defense, goad the adversary to attack. Selected terrain combined with Wagenburg tactics negating the power of the armored knight on horseback.

* Martial artists of Okinawa, peasant farmers, also using farm implements as weapons, the rulers of period forbidding the lower classes from possessing traditional means of self-defense.

Zizka the best military commander you have never heard of? probably so.


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