Monday, November 15, 2021


This is coolbert:

Mercenaries I. Turkish style!

Never heard of these guys before. Turkish private military contractor [PMC]. SADAT. And not Anwar of Egypt.

From a variety of sources and thanks to one and all. Courtesy the tip from the Internet web site Strategy Page.

1. "Erdogan’s shadow army: The influence of SADAT, Turkey's private defense group"

"Turkey’s SADAT defense group is heavily involved in Ankara’s training of Syrian Sunni rebels for the fight against Assad."

2. "SADAT: Turkey’s Paramilitary Wings Take Flight In Africa"

"SADAT Inc. International Defense Consultancy is a Turkish private security contractor, founded by former Gen. Adnan Tanrıverdiin in 2012. Tanrıverdi had been forced into retirement in 1996, due to Islamist affiliations. Reports allege that SADAT is present in Syria and Iraq, in the form of paramilitary troops, training, and military ordnance procurement. There is a close relationship between SADAT and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan."

Private Military Contractors as they are referred to rather a growth business. Think Sandline, Executive Outcomes, Blackwater, Wagner Group, etc.

The Turk has one also. And beholden in large measure to President Erdogan.


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