Tuesday, November 23, 2021


This is coolbert:

Consider this to be a war warning? From Commander Salamander headlines and an article most disturbing.

"Some Damn Fool Thing in Ukraine"

Bir Red on the move? Ukraine style. Hope not!

"The U.S. has shared intelligence including maps with European allies that shows a buildup of Russian troops and artillery to prepare for a rapid, large-scale push into Ukraine from multiple locations if President Vladimir Putin decided to invade, according to people familiar with the conversations."

Read the entire Salamander article. Pay paritucular attention to the:

1. The "Five Planning Assumptions".

'2. "Red Most Likely COA".

Red in war games the aggressor. CoA =  Course of Action.


And how exactly will NATO, the USA and the world community respond to Russian aggression? And can the Ukrainian military  hold the line and repel an invasion? Doubt in all cases we are going to find a positive!


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