Wednesday, November 17, 2021


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Pssst! Wanna buy a jet plane? 

From Popular Mechanics and thanks to the article by KYLE MIZOKAMI.

F-100 Super Sabre jet fighter for sale. Atomic bomb not included.

"Hey, Wanna Buy a Cold War Fighter Jet?"

"The F-100 could sling nuclear bombs and launch itself into the air like a missile. Now it can be yours."

"* Two Cold War veteran F-100F Super Sabre fighters are up for auction online. * The fighters, built during the Eisenhower Administration, are reportedly flyable. * The F-100F was used in Vietnam, could carry nuclear weapons, and take off using rockets."

"A few of the most versatile fighter jets from the Cold War are up for auction and ready to fly—with some exceptions. Two F-100F Super Sabre fighter jets are being auctioned with current bids right around the cost of a decent used car. A veteran of the Vietnam War, the Super Sabre also carried nuclear bombs and could forgo long rolling jet-powered takeoffs in favor of a quick boost into the air on rockets."

Devoted readers to the blog will want to watch the embedded video of a  "Zero-Length Launch" as it was referred to. An idea that never came to fruition, never "took-off' so to speak.

Additionally see a most recent blog entry the danger of flying the F-100 with regard to long-term health of the combat aviator.

Hopefully lots of spare parts are available. Unless so your investment will be un-flyable and  quickly so.


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