Saturday, November 6, 2021


This is coolbert:

I find this to be mildly surprising. Thanks to several sources.

United States Air Force drone aviators, pilots of UAV, enlisted personnel.

Piloting an aircraft at least in the USAF strictly for a long time the purview of the officer class.

UAV pilots as trained restricted so it seems only to drone flight. They will never take to the air in a "real" aircraft.

1. "Meet the Air Force's first enlisted drone pilots"

Courtesy the article in Air Force Times By Stephen Losey.

"When the Air Force's latest class of two dozen aspiring remotely-piloted aircraft pilots convened at Initial Flight Training School in Pueblo, Colorado, Oct. 12, four of them had something unique: Enlisted stripes."

Not strictly enlisted but enlisted personnel included in the mix.

2. "This Woman Is the 1st to Fly Air Force Drones"

"The Air Force has its first female enlisted Global Hawk drone pilot."

"The service said Tech. Sgt. Courtney completed its undergraduate remotely piloted aircraft training program known as the Enlisted Pilot Initial Class program, on Aug. 4. at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. She graduated alongside three other pilots."

The paradigm of manned warplanes as flown only by those of the officer class predicated on the assumption that some sort of above-average intelligence an absolute necessity. A degree in STEM subjects greatly preferred [Science, Technical, Engineering, Math].

Today the level of education and intellectual achievement allows for enlisted of whatever service to fly UAV as if they were at the controls of a plane "really" in the air?

Devoted readers to the blog please understand when I say "real" or "really" I speak facetiously fully aware and understanding these pilots are INDEED at the controls of a REAL aircraft.

Also consider within context that 80 % of Israeli Air Force missions currently drone UAV flights.


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