Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is coolbert:

"That's the end of this briefing. As long as I'm in charge there'll never be a Marine in Europe."

Here are the details of Project Danny. An aborted plan to employ U.S. Marine Corps combat aviation in the European Theatre [ETO].

A proposal for specially trained and equipped Marine F4U combat aircraft to attack and destroy German V-1 "buzz bomb" launch sites.

A plan, Danny, never coming to fruition, the result of inter-service rivalries and squabbles. A response, a pettiness [?] on the part of General Marshall not worthy of such a great man.

"In July 1944 after the V-1 flying bomb Robot Blitz had begun on June 13, Commander Thomas H. Moorer . . . provided a Pentagon briefing on a June 1944 plan for F4U Corsair squadrons [Marine aviation] . . . to attack V-1 launch sites from North Sea escort carriers with Tiny Tim rockets."

An attack by the Marine aviators, launching from aircraft carriers, firing at the V-1 launch sites with a newly developed and formidable weapon, the Tiny Tim rocket!

"The Tiny Tim, was an American air to ground rocket used near the end of the Second World War . . . Tiny Tim was . . . the first large aircraft rocket . . . [and] had a 150 lb (68 kg) high explosive warhead, and had a maximum range of 1,500 meters (1,640 yards)."

This proposed use of Marine combat aviation in the European theatre again, "Danny" never "getting off the ground"!

"the squadrons had been trained . . . and were loading onto their carriers for the trip to the North Atlantic, the operation was canceled before departing for the European Theatre"


* Commander Moorer became Admiral Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [JCS] during the latter days of the Vietnam War.

* There are negligible to no instances of Marine Corps combat units being employed in the ETO during the Second World War!

* During a time of war - - all pettiness, squabbling, inter-service rivalry and jealousy must be set aside in favor of the overall war effort. To the detriment of everyone, this was not the case with "Danny"?


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