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As seen and extracted with commentary from the Internet web site

"Foreign Languages and SF"

"Army Special Forces is the only combat arms element in the US military that requires every member to have some mastery of a foreign language"

"Why not just use interpreters?"

"Well, can you trust an interpreter the way you can a team member? Maybe. In time. With a certain subset of interpreters. But right from the beginning? No."

"You also need to have linguists on the team as a safety check on those interpreters. If they think they can get away with it, they’re going to put their own spin on what you’re saying — at the very least. It’s human nature. [...]"


Evidently one of the most devastating spies in all of history. By the after-action damage control report of the CIA alone was directly responsible in a single-handed manner for having prolonged the Korean War for at least one year!!

During the Korean War working for American ground forces as an interpreter/translator and all the while an agent of Chinese communist intelligence!!

"Larry Wu-tai Chin . . . was a Chinese language translator working for the CIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service. He sold classified documents to the People's Republic of China from 1952 to 1985."

"Chin served as a Chinese translator in the US Army during the Korean War, at which time he is believed to have first come into contact with Chinese intelligence."

"He may have supplied the Chinese with information about prisoners of war captured by American, South Korean, and allied forces".

"He misrepresented the intelligence that he was translating from captured Chinese soldiers resulting in the loss of US forces and missed tactical opportunities."

"Many of these Chinese soldiers intended to defect to South Korea. He also provided the Chinese with the names of captured Chinese soldiers who were revealing information or intended to defect."

"The Chinese then specifically requested these soldiers by name to be released back to China before the armistice negotiations could take place. This delayed the negotiations process for over a year, resulting in countless lost lives."

In the aftermath of the Korean War Larry as an employee of the CIA for a period of three decades continuing his treachery quite well until unmasked. NEVER HAVING BEEN PROPERLY DEBRIEFED, THE MAN TERMINATING HIS LIFE, SUFFOCATING HIMSELF WITH A PLASTIC BAG!

Special Forces men also their language ability quite limited I might think within the context of being able to understood with fluency the type of nuanced exchange that might occur between a local in a battle zone nd an interpreter.


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