Sunday, August 16, 2015


This is coolbert:

From DEBKAfile the Turk entering the fray in Syria and USING PROXY FORCES TO DO SO!

"Turkmeni forces cross from Turkey into N. Syria"

11 August.

"A large Turkish military contingent crossed into northern Syria early Tuesday . . . It is made up mainly of ethnic Turkmeni fighters trained for their mission by Turkish officers. This device aims to let Ankara off owning up to a Turkish military invasion of Syria. The unit is armed with tanks and artillery and has Turkish fighter jet air cover."

NOT merely light infantry as are the Kurdish peshmerga fighter. These Turkomen have a combined arms capability. Organic artillery, armor and on-call close-air-support AND ARE TRAINED AND PREPARED!.

This if true will represent an escalation of hostilities? Syria might feel compelled to respond but not having the wherewithal to do so. Iran too using proxies already in addition will perceive this as a danger to their interests?


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