Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yank & Reb.

This is coolbert:

Superficiality, triviality, sensationalism.

And not for the better either. Also as discussed with some disdain by John Howell on his WLS radio morning talk show a controversial item now banned:

 "Confederate flag banned from mural at VA"

"GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) - Officials at the Grand Junction Veterans Affairs Medical Center have called for the removal of the Confederate flag from a mural inside the facility's cafeteria."

"The Daily Sentinel reports that the two-year-old mural is a depiction of American military history, featuring the American Revolution to the war in Iraq."

This is the actual mural in question? Union soldier [left] and Confederate soldier [right] with fixed bayonets locked in mortal combat, flags flying!

"Medical center spokesman Paul Sweeney says the upper reaches of the Department of Veterans Affairs have asked that the Confederate flag shown behind an image of a Union soldier and a Confederate rebel be removed."

Presumably this mural was approved in advance? And for two years no one has raised an objection? Until now of course.


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