Sunday, August 9, 2015


This is coolbert:

Again with some details from MARCO POLO through Harry those Virginia class submarines deadlined:

"more about the malfunctioning U.S. submarines.  They say they are concerned over 'pipe elbows' which help connect the steam generated by the nuclear reactors to the turbines that generate the power. It was determined that the three steam pipe elbows supplied by the vendor in question required additional testing and repair due to unauthorized and undocumented weld repairs having been performed on these elbows.  The 'elbows' are used to allow pipes to work their way around the corners, and are crucial for transmitting steam from the reactors to the turbines."

"The North Dakota was constructed last year after a Navy investigation into sub-standard third-party contractor components delayed the boat's launch by five months. The Navy inspected 58 components and made multiple repairs to the $2.6 billion submarine."

As I thought! Pipes carrying steam in the nuclear compartment as part of the propulsion systems. Elbows, joints and welds deficient. Just about as critical and vital as it gets!!

The loss of the USS Thresher from decades ago now thought to have occurred as result of a faulty silver-soldered pipe joint carrying seawater under pressure.

NOT only the North Dakota having to be inspected and critical components tested but sister-ships as well. Certification a requirement before these boats can sail again.


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