Sunday, August 16, 2015

Scud-B Latakia.

This is coolbert:

Here begins a series of blog entries rapid fire fashion courtesy of DEBKAfile:

"Assad clan's center Latakia in first taste of Scud rocket fire"

  10 August.

"The Islamic Army and Jaish al-Fatah rebel militias associated with the Nusra Front are closing in on the western Syrian port town of Latakia, a stronghold of the Assad clan. That town for the first time in the war was pounded with Scud B ground-to-ground rockets."

Latakia on the coast of the Mediterranean under attack with Scud. I was aware that ISIL had evidently from last year captured intact Scud but unaware that Nusra Front had them also. Perhaps came in possession of the missiles from Syrian stockpiles?

Scud an area weapon, most suitable for delivering WMD [weapons of mass destruction] on target, a port facility, an airbase, a military encampment. Nuclear, biological and chemical munitions. This was rather a conventional warhead of high explosive or perhaps even no warhead AT ALL!

It also takes a degree of expertise and sophistication to fuel, aim and fire successfully the Scud. Hezbollah as been previously noted has such a capability and also so does Nusra and ISIL?

A terror attack on the "stronghold" of the Alawite religious faction loyal to Assad and a warning of the day of reckoning.


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