Monday, August 3, 2015


This is coolbert:

The surface launched torpedo.

From MARCO POLO through Harry:

"The Russians have recently disclosed new powerful ASW [anti-submarine-warfare] torpedo system 'PAKET E/NK' . . . It is so new that there is no NATO designation yet."

 "It will engage an enemy submarine at an unprecedented long range with the powerful 320mm [twelve and one-half inch] anti-submarine torpedo M-15. A most noteworthy feature of this torpedo is that it has anti-torpedo capability as well. If the enemy submarine fires first, the . . . ATT (anti-torpedo torpedo)  will destroy the oncoming 'fish' usually 1,400 meters from the ship.  The M-15 torpedo boasts a high degree of maneuverability and an underwater speed of up to fifty kilometers per hour. Its initial movement is controlled by on-board inertial guidance system, which later shuts off and an acoustic active-passive self-homing system kicks in.  The anti-torpedo's warhead, packed with high strength blasting explosive of 80kg of TNT, is e quipped with a proximity fuse, and is capable of destroying enemy torpedoes at all depths.  At the depth of 800 meters, the M-15 can knock out an oncoming torpedo as close as 100 meters away"

M-15 has that dual capability. Useful for anti-submarine-warfare [ASW] and can function as an anti-torpedo torpedo [ATT] also!

The M-15 and the French/Italian MU90 almost one and same animal if indeed the former not a downright clone!


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