Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This is coolbert:

Peace in our time! Once again, overt and catastrophic war in Korea has been averted. Recall the U-boats!

"Koreas reach deal, easing military tensions after exchange of fire"

"The deal 'reduces the risk of miscalculation,' analyst says, but bigger issues remain. Seoul agrees to stop broadcasting propaganda that infuriated Pyongyang. Pyongyang expresses regret over injuries suffered by South Korean soldiers from landmines"

"Seoul, South Korea (CNN)North and South Korea have steered military tensions away from the threat of imminent confrontation, announcing an agreement over a series of recent flash points."

. . . .

"But after marathon talks between high-level officials, the two bitter foes said in the early hours of Tuesday that they had found enough common ground to dial back the situation."

Kim of Pyongyang has this bad habit of pushing things to the limit and then drawing back at the last moment. Sooner or later he might make a miscalculation with disastrous consequences for every one.

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